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Our staff consists of the industry’s best and most innovative Project Managers and Site Superintendents in Canada.  By concentrating on Medical Imaging Turnkey projects, it has allowed our staff to focus and hone their craft of construction management within a healthcare facility.  Essential elements of healthcare construction such as working within the nationally recognized guidelines of Infection Prevention & Control are not new to us.  Working with the safety of both patients and staff is at the forefront of our everyday operations and has been the anchor that has led to our success. 


By dedicating over a decade worth of time and effort on the design and construction of medical imaging suites, we have empowered ourselves where others simply have not. 

HCS will often employ the Hospital’s ‘preferred design team’ so that a sense of security and control is granted to our client.  Our intimate knowledge of the medical imaging equipment allows HCS to guide the design team so that the unique specifications of the equipment are satisfied. By utilizing the construction management services of HCS during the design phase of the project, the ‘learning curve’ is eliminated, costly design errors are avoided, and the design is completed within a timeframe that cannot be achieved without HCS involvement.

Project Management

Each project is assigned a highly experienced Project Manager that becomes our client’s main point of contact.  The HCS Project Manager is focused on ensuring that the client’s best interests are addressed from the time the contract is awarded to the point where the first patient is on the table.  The HCS Project Manager will chair and minute Project Start-Up Meetings, Kick-Off Meetings, Design Meetings, Owner/Architect/Contractor Meetings, Site Reviews, and Final Acceptance.  We believe that our client should view the HCS Project Manager as an extension of their own organization.  The HCS Project Manager does not view your project as a “one-time event”, but an opportunity to create a long standing relationship with our client.  The fact that we have an extensive list of repeat customers is a testament to the fact that our Project Managers are truly the best at what we do.

No work will ever take place on a Health Care Solutions site without the presence of the HCS Site Superintendent.  It is our belief that your project cannot be constructed safely without a dedicated full-time Site Superintendent.  The fact that we have never had a serious accident on any of our projects proves our point.  Your HCS Site Superintendent believes that although a project must be completed within an aggressive timeline, safety simply cannot be compromised in a healthcare setting.  Your HCS Site Superintendent has been trained to recognize the unique safety concerns that arise in a Hospital and has the foresight to identify and control potential risks before they become an issue.  The safety of staff and patients are in extremely competent hands when a HCS Site Superintendent controls your site.     

IPAC Solutions

Since the inception of HCS, we have always understood that a Healthcare Facility is a special place that requires a contractor who is intimately aware of the operation of a building that is dedicated to patient care.

Our work has perpetually followed the latest and most comprehensive IPAC measures available.  Today, we operate under the strict guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association’s nationally recognized “Infection Control During Construction or Renovation of Healthcare Facilities” program.

HCS works closely with the Hospital’s appointed IPAC Officer to develop an IPAC Solution that is specific to the project at hand.  Then we not only implement the solution but we monitor and maintain its success, using the highest standard measuring devices to ensure that the construction is completed under the strict restrictions put into place by the CSA guidelines.